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If You Want to Achieve Your Dream Destination This Year, This is For You!

Dear Friend,

I came from a not so well-off family. I lived a very simple life in the province, studied in not so known school in Bicol, and as far as I can remember all I want back then was to finish my studies have a good career, help my family, and that’s all.

My dream is so simple, right?

Maybe you can relate to this kind of story, or maybe we both share the same story

Then somewhere in early 2011, a friend kidnapped me in a place that is so open, so it's obvious that it's not a kidnapped.hehe. She told me one line that I will never forget. She said: "One Word can change your life" just sit here and we'll attend one talk together and you will understand what I am saying.

I am curious, and doubtful somehow but since I am not doing anything during those times, I accepted her invitation.

That one sit lead me to more sits. From that day on and up to this day, it's been a pleasure for me to attend those talks. With or without her I continued, and gradually God proved to me that what she said was true. "One Word really Changed my life".

Little by little, I begin to understand what God wanted to do with my life. I begin to realize that there is a Higher Purpose for me, I felt that every time I attended those talks, it seems that heavens opened up and the voice of God revealing to me something new again and again. And just recently, He spoke to me strongly and said

This is your Time to Go To the Temple of Solomon, Go Ahead for I am with you.

Then huge challenges begin to happen from inside out. I made countless negotiations with God, and in some of those, I said...

"God, I wanted to go, but I don't have enough conditions to get there"

"God, I really wanted to follow you, but look at me I am just an ordinary woman, I am young, I am just starting out my business, and still have a lot of commitments to fulfill and just the fare going there is not cheap to afford."

To tell you honestly, I made a lot of arguments and reasons to God during those times.

It was not easy.

It's a hard fight.

There are times that I felt like giving up because the deadline is so near but I am not yet complete with what God asked me to give.

So I Decided to Surrender My All!

Without wasting time after my daytime work, I worked on my online business, do e-book courses, write books, do some projects of faith, promote it on my website, etc. and little by little I raised the amount.

Fast forward…

After months of fights, I found myself in South America –Sao Paolo Brazil to be exact to fulfill one of God’s calling, for me to witness personally the house of Sacrifice, which is the Temple of Solomon. Oh! What a wonderful experience to be here.

To tell you honestly, this Journey going to the Temple of Solomon just started one year ago, and based on my goals (because I do have specific dates for it ) I can fulfill it, about 5 years later because we both know that traveling to Brazil is not cheap, It’s almost 1 ½ day travel by plane. It’s like traveling to another planet :-). Not to mention that it was my first time to travel that far, and also by plane.

Can you imagine my excitement? Indeed, it will always be an unforgettable and amazing experience for me.

But as I have said, God’s plan always prevails, and I am very blessed and thankful because it happened- even though I faced challenges & persecutions along the way before I begin to witness the Temple, all those struggles has been erased the time I begin to enter the Holy place (One of my dream destinations) by the help and provisions of my God.

I believe that you have dreams in life. Dreams that are unique in its own way, and it will only differ on how you will accept it in your own life. My Journey going to the Temple of Solomon can be compared to your journey.

Whether you are trained to dream small (because in reality, that’s the acceptable case) or a great one, which is most of the time, hard to reveal, because in most cases people will laugh and won’t believe you. Sometimes even call you “crazy” or “weird” because you are thinking differently from them.

But like what happened to me, I believe that your dreams can be fulfilled one step at a time as well. Sometimes it will take years (like what happened to me) or sometimes longer. But my friendly advice for you is that, as you are waiting for the trip going to your dream destinations I want you to keep on believing, and continue fighting to afford your ticket going there!

Yes, it will require a lot of effort, pains & disappointments, not to mention the haters that will come along the way but it will be all worth it! Believe Me!

Here's How You Can Do It Too...

If you're...

    • Stuck in your life for so long and you don't know the way out
    • Desire is to move forward but don’t know how
    • Doubtful how can you achieve your vision.
    • Hopeless because you're not educated, don't have experience, and lack financial conditions.
    • Confused and fearful of many things
    • Alone, and No one believes in You and leads you to question yourself, "Am I really doing what is right?"

I have good news for you.

Since June 2013 I decided to share with my fellow youth's "How to Manage their finances right" through my books entitled "Shortcut To Success - Building Solid Financial Foundation & Becoming Happy at the same time, "How to Move on from Spender - Saver - Investor - Entrepreneur", and also by the first e-book course about Starting a business specifically for people who are employed, entitled "How To Start A Business Without Quitting Your Job Yet!"

Since then, It's been a passion of mine to share with the people especially on their early 20's my Journey that helped me a lot to be disciplined and step by step went to one of my Dream Destination, "Temple of Solomon".

Note: Temple of Solomon is one of my Dream Destination. For you, it might be traveling to Paris, to travel around the Philippines, to buy a car, own your dream house, build your own business, etc. It depends on what you focus on today, the most important thing, for now is - Clarity of at least 1 Dream destination that you want to achieve.

I'll tell you more about that in a minute.

For now, imagine for a second that...

    • You wake up in the place that you've been just praying for and dreaming of
    • You're eating and dining with people that you love to be with
    • You are seeing clearly the difference in your life months after months because you are beginning to achieve your dreams step by step
    • You'll be an achiever and not just a day dreamer anymore
    • There's a fulfillment inside of you that no one can erase

Everyone is still confused about what to do, but you're different!

Many People think that...

The best option is to be complacent on things because it's easier to do than to fail again.

Fulfilling "Huge Dreams" is not taught in school, and sad to say in most people look at it as so difficult that why it's they don't even try.

There's nobody out there teaching How to Achieve goals one step at a time by Faith.

It's impossible because no one believes and willing to help them along the way.

They have a lot of responsibilities that made them forget to move forward.

They are too young or old for that Dream Destination.

But You Decided To Change

There's a certainty inside of you that no matter what, you will always win every battle that will come along the way.

Going to the Temple of Solomon (DREAM DESTINATION) is not for everybody that's why not many went there and even dreaming of going there.

But if you're WILLING to learn and READY to take action, that's enough qualification to get there.

Who knows, maybe one year or after a few months from now you'll be in your Dream Destination too.

Allow me to introduce to you a unique E-book Journey Course that you won't get anywhere else. It's called... that you won't get anywhere else.

It's called...

7 Secrets To Achieving Your Dream Destination

Learnings Are Inspired By Our Temple of Solomon Journey

Inside This eBook, You'll Discover:
  • Challenges that is holding your back to get your Dream Destination.
  • How to achieve despite your weaknesses and limitations.
  • Simple money strategy that can help you to get there
  • How do Achievers (People who achieved their dream destination) do it
  • How to keep motivated in achieving your goals
  • What's really preventing youths to move forward in achieving their dream destinations

If you'll go through the entire E-book Journey Course and allow me to teach you, you'll admit that this is one of the best investments you ever had.

Here's exactly what I'll give to you...

Module 1: Awakening the Goliath Dream Inside of You In this Module, you’ll learn…

How I afforded to get to my dream destination just changing how I think about Money.

Everything you need to Know About Your Dreams.

Your own will or HIS will.

What most people don’t want you to know about your vision.

3 ways To Achieve the Vision God gave you.

Module 2: Conquering by Faith In this Module, you’ll learn…

The obstacles that are preventing you from succeeding and getting their to your dream -How to overcome your fear of achieving greater things

Why there are people succeed while most struggle. HINT: Not because they have greater resources nor smarter than us.

The Story of people who despite difficulties conquered “One of their dream destination”

Achieving One Step at a time How To Achieve Your Dreams in Five Easy Steps.

Module 3: Keep the fire burning In this Module, you’ll learn…

How to break procrastination so you can immediately start working on my goals.

Story behind story 5 Secrets of My Dream Journey.

Going beyond your limitations.

How to remain strong in your journey.

How to keep going, when the world wanted you to give up.

You see, your dream destination is within your reach.

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Billy Bautista Pocket-Size Life Coach

"I loved the book, I can feel that the writer was very inspired in life when she was writing it. I love those experience that you shared with your readers the happy moments and struggle just to make it to Brazil. Your dedication will be one of my most treasured message from you. You have a gift of writing Mafe, it's the Lord's gift to you."

Wilma Hernandez Certified Financial Educator

"Thanks for Inspiring me. I finished it last night in one sitting. Di ko tinigilan ng di tapos. You are one amazing woman. You are full of wisdom and has the great zest of life. I wish someday I could write my own book and has it published too. You inspired me a lot. Thank you, thank you, thank you mafe...:-)"

Aimee Geda Woodside Author

"Very Inspiring and engaging book to keep. This is not the usual self-help books you come across with. The book offers far more great insights in achieving the things you want. Bible verses mentioned here are precious for the revival of your soul and put a smile on your face as you continue reading it till the end. Thanks Marife for sharing a part of your life to inspire people and for the glory of God."

Ptr. Alan Santos Certified Financial Educator

“The Author is pretty honest in the book, I like her style of interaction to readers. I did like the book, and I am sure that everyone who reads it, will like as well and be inspired."

Sha Nacino Money And Me, Author

“Her book is her way of sharing her insights. It is her way of blessing the world!"

Fitz Villafuerte Blogger, Author

“While many of today’s youth are still struggling to find themselves and their place in this world, Marife has bravely found and defined hers. The lesson she presents in her work reflects how much she already knows about wealth, money, and stewardship, at such a young age. The timeless financial lessons that she presents are told through her unique life story and experiences, which, I’m sure you will find both valuable and inspirational."

How Much Would You Be Willing To Pay For The Book If It Would:

To give you an idea, If you'll go to Temple of Solomon in Brazil, it will cost you between 110,000- 150,000 Pesos depends on the negotiation, and this can be the fare alone, not to mention your allowance to buy the popular Havaianas there

With this E-book Journey Course entitled, 7 Secret To Achieving Your Dream Destination (Learnings Inspired By Our Temple of Solomon Journey), I'll tell you everything how I afforded it with the people with me as well

And you need to invest a one-time fee of just 2,000 Pesos.

As you can see in my story above, 2,000 Pesos is a small investment compare to the Destination that you will be achieving if you'll seriously apply everything in your own Journey book.

But wait....

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7 Secrets To Achieving Your Dream Destination

Learnings are inspired by our Temple of Solomon Journey

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About the Author: Marife Rosas

Hi, my name is Marife Rosas and I’m a Filipino Infopreneur (Online Entrepeneur), Author, Financial literacy advocate and the Founder of Christian Infopreneurs Academy, whose desire is to help all Aspiring Christian Infopreneurs to move forward in their journey for the sole purpose of Glorifying God through their lives.