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"Just Give Me 5 Minutes Of Your Time And I'll Show You Exactly How I did It And How You Can Do it Too!"

Dear Young Professionals,

My name is Marife Rosas, I am an ordinary youth like you.

I do have Dreams, but it seems that all those "Dreams" I had are so hard to get for 1 reason: I only have very limited savings and I don't know what should I do for me to grow it and finally afford my goals.

Want To Be Your Own Financial Expert?

There are moments in my life that I feel so sick and tired to do the same thing again and again, and despite all the efforts I gave, I don't even see myself growing at all.

Thankfully, I discovered the missing piece!

During those stuck moments of my life, wherein I don't know someone who will be willing to guide me the step-by-step process to start building my own Solid Financial Foundation and Becoming Happy at the same time.

I realize the importance of it because it solves different kinds of Financial Problems, and investing first in our Personal Growth (by being Financially Literate) can bring a huge impact to improve our financial situation.

I know it's not easy!

  • It's hard to resist every time your co-workers and friends invites you for gimmicks, parties, etc.
  • I know how hard it was to "save" when in reality you have a lot of responsibilities for your family.

If you are experiencing the same kind of Financial Struggles, being stuck to the situation that you have right now.

It's okay!

I understand where they are coming from. I've been there.

But before doing those things. First, Imagine this.  What would you feel if one day:

    • You're going to wake up having peace of mind because you don't have debts anymore
    • You already built your financial foundation that is more than enough for you to support the mission of organizations that you believe in and be a blessing to many.
    • You can travel to wherever place you love to be.
    •  You can treat your whole family and love ones to wherever they wanted to go, etc.

This Is The Life You Deserve To Experience, And This Is A Life That You Can Have If You Just Learn How To Manage Finances Right!

Shortcut To Success

"Building A Solid Financial Foundation And Becoming Happy At The Same Time!"

Inside This eBook (PDF) and audio (mp3), You'll Learn:
  • How to reprogram your mind and stay positive regardless of what people say about you?
  • How to develop habits of saving and investing while enjoying the journey.

  • How to maintain doing the right thing and improve daily as a person?
  • And a lot more...

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Dr. Jaime Lorenzo Certified Financial Educator

“In this book, you will learn the basic principles and discipline necessary in building wealth for your family. Read, digest, and apply the concepts discussed here, and witness your financial life grow tremendously!"

Sha Nacino Money And Me, Author

“Her book is her way of sharing her insights. It is her way of blessing the world!"

Fitz Villafuerte Blogger, Author

“The lessons she presents here reflects how much she already knows about wealth, money, and stewardship, at such a young age. The timeless financial lessons that she presents in this book are told through her unique life story and experiences which, I’m sure you will find both valuable and inspirational!"

Lio Dela Cruz Financial Coach

“One of the origin’s paradoxes—one that challenges many of its optimistic histories—is how medieval customs remain persistent overtime. While Marife Rosas’ Shortcut to Success systematically unfolds factors in achieving personal financial goals, it also shows that change, growth, and development should cover all aspects of life’s journey.

Traditional and Contemporary people alike should read Rosas’ book and reconsider their mindset portfolio."

Juanita De Jesus Valino Secretary

“Bulls-eye! It’s a type of financial literacy book that is simple and straightforward. I learned a lot of things that will surely help me on my financial matters. The book gave me a clear idea and strategies on how to manage finances effectively.

Great job for the author, Marife Rosas! Proven and tested, experiences are our best teacher. Her book and life are such an inspiration. Don't dare miss this book -- A MUST HAVE!"

How Much Would You Be Willing To Pay For The Book If It Would:

  • Empower you toward powerful & positive tomorrow.
  • Train you to handle your own finance in a right way.
  • Save you more years of losing your hard earned money.
  • Guide you at a very young age to start saving & investing for you to pursue your passion and do the things that you love to do.
  • Transform you from being a Spender to Saver to Investor to Entrepreneur.
  • Give you a great Chance to "Serve" and "Bless" more people around you by becoming an inspiration for them.

₱1,999?  ₱1,499?  ₱1,299?

Shortcut To Success

"How To Build A Solid Financial Foundation And Become Happy At The Same Time"

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If only I knew what I know now a few years back, I would have a much more positive finance today and most probably hit most of my goals before I get my 20.

I shared very simple, and doable, and proven techniques for you to have your own savings, for you to be prepared enough to become an investor.

I wish I have read a book like this when I was just starting out earning my own money. Save yourself from making Financial Mistakes in the Past, & being Stuck!

Learn the 3 Basic Steps that you need to do in order for you to live a life you always wanted. Learn how to Think, Act, and Improve daily as a person!

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About the Author: Marife Rosas

Hi, my name is Marife Rosas and I’m a Filipino Infopreneur (Online Entrepeneur), Author, Financial literacy advocate and the Founder of Christian Infopreneurs Academy, whose desire is to help all Aspiring Christian Infopreneurs to move forward in their journey for the sole purpose of Glorifying God through their lives.