About The Author

Marife Rosas is an Author, Speaker and Christian Infopreneur.

She is passionate to help Aspiring Christian Infopreneurs to use their God-given talents not only for Money’s sake but for the Purposes their believed in, that’s why she started “Christian Infopreneurs Academy” to coach people for the purpose of Glorifying God through their talents.

She is a published Author and Speaker in the areas of Motivation, Infopreneurship, and eBook Writing.

She loves spending time with her friends, family, and Church.

Mafe enjoy reading books and educating herself that adds value to her as a person.

Mafe also gets his daily inspiration from serving the the Lord in UCKG Help Center (Divisoria Branch).

She is an active member in Youth Group, Teacher in Sunday School, and Serving as an Assistant who counsels and help people who are suffering in all areas of their life.

“I truly believe that all of us has God-given gifts that we are accountable to share and bless the World. If you wanted to say “Yes!” to the higher calling that God is revealing to you right now, Let’s go, hold my hands and Join Me in this amazing journey”

Dear Christian Infopreneur,

My name is Marife Rosas like most of you; I grew up in a very simple family who implanted me with a mindset of “Aral kang mabuti, para pag kagraduate mo makakuha ka ng magandang trabaho.”

I was following this mindset for long years of my life because I know that it is for my own good; my mother is a single parent and I know how hard she is working for us to finish our studies, that’s why I said to myself, “Kelangan kong Makagraduate para matulungan ko ang pamilya ko.”

I remember how good student I was during elementary, high school, and in even college. I may not be one of the top student in our batch but I know that I am studying very hard, and at least don’t give any headaches to my Mama ? *laughs*.

Like many other child, all I want back then was to finish my studies, have a stable job, and live comfortably that way. So simple, right?

Because this was the mindset that we got from most of our parents. Especially if we are brought up by employed parents, right? There’s nothing wrong about that! It’s okay! Because this is also what my Mom taught me back then.

Being the eldest in the family they have high expectations on me to finish my studies and finally to give them a good life. Can you imagine the pressure?

Just like any other child of my age, I just obey what my mom says knowing that it is for my own good… until the redirection came in.

My Turning point

I was on my 2nd year college at that time and it was 2ndsemester already of taking up Bachelor of Business Teacher Education in Polytechnic University of the Philippines in Sta. Mesa.

At that time, I was looking for a “part-time job” for me to have some extra income, aside from my allowance… Of course I want to make some savings, for me to start my business idea that time, and other stuffs to buy things that I want.

Yahoo!…finally! I’m blessed to find a part-time job
This was the first time I heard about “Robert Kyosaki’s Cash Flow Quadrant. One lesson that I’ve learned and I think I will never forget is that if I really want to be successful I must try my best to be in the right side, in other words, to be an entrepreneur and finally to become an investor.

My grandpa (by the way, I’m talking about Robert Kyosaki *laughs* ), explained to me with love and care, that it’s okay, and there’s nothing wrong to be on the left side just make sure, don’t stay so much on that side, and work on things that will lead you to the right side. And because of that I choose to always try something that will lead me to that part.

To cut the long story short, this cash flow quadrant leads me to try several non-traditional businesses: Such as MLM, direct-selling, etc. and even dive into traditional businesses; but since I am not that knowledgeable and don’t have enough experiences that time, it didn’t work for me. I lost lot of Time & Money doing the thing doesn’t fit me.

I have to find a job to survive…

Those failures in my business bring me to no other option but to apply for a job for me to survive.
I feel really bad for myself during those times because I knew that being my own boss was the thing that really wants to become; but what was happening was the opposite.
I experienced to be scammed in one company that I applied for.
Even though, I’ve been blessed to find the real company in the corporate world.
I am thankful & blessed working in that company, but I can’t stop the voice shutting inside of me and always reminding me that there is something I need to do, to be an entrepreneur.

But How?

I can’t leave my job because if I does, how can I survive?
Waking up every day was like a punishment for me. I am really unmotivated to go to work, but I have no choice because I don’t have capital, and confused of what business I will start if I quit.

I decided to change…

I wake up one day early in the morning, to ask a direction from God, because I know that only Him can truly help & understand me.
I get to know myself even more, and learn what are the things I can do to safely escape my job.
I begin to work on my passion, on my core strength, and eventually earn from it.

It’s practical and fun approach because you will just do what you love to do, and earn from it.
To make it work, I need to work at least 1 hr in morning and another 2 hrs in the evening after work.

So if you have the same sentiments such as:

  •  I wanted to get out of my job, and fire my perfectionist boss but I can’t, because I don’t have enough money to survive.
  •  I always wanted to start my business, but I can’t, because I have no enough time…Busy with my 8-5 job.
  •  I am unfulfilled with my job.
  •  I feel so much overwhelmed with lots of opportunity outside, and I don’t know what’s best for me and where to start.
  •  I worked so hard for quite some years, but my efforts are not properly rewarded – I don’t have enough savings/investments up to now.
  •  I always dream of starting monetizing on my passion; but how? I don’t have knowledge, skills, mentor, connections, capital, etc.
  •  I wanted to try again, but I’m afraid to dive in because I failed a lot of times and this can be the additional.

It’s okay! I’ve been there, and done that! ? “damang-dama kita friend!”

This blog is especially made for this purpose.

To help Young Filipino Professionals to have their own business without taking big risks of quitting your job, & after profiting in their businesses learn how to manage their hard-earned money right.

I would say that this journey is like a roller coaster ride; they are surely ups and downs. But if you will just apply all your learning’s here, you can be more fulfilled & happy.

At the end of the day business is not only about Money; it’s about your True Happiness.

Praying For Your Success and Happiness,

Marife Rosas