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Discover How To Start Your Own Passion Business That Will Enable You To Serve Your Purpose

Dear Christian Infopreneur,

You know when I was starting out, I was struggling just like many Aspiring Christians, who wanted to start their own business online that is connected to their Passion and Purpose but they are clueless how to start.

I tried joining countless of MLM company, tried some traditional business but it didn't work for me because I find out that my passion and purpose is not connected there.

I realized that Business is not only about Money.

It's about Fulfillment.

In my journey in finding the "Fulfillment", I come to meet these Passionate Entrepreneurs who are already earning from the Business that they are really passionate about.

Then naisip ko, "Sana nakilala ko sila noong una palang, para na shorten na yung Discovery Phase ko".

Kaso, kahit anung gawin ko, di ko na maibabalik yung time eh!

So, in my quest to help others to find clarity in their life too, I interviewed these 7 Successful Entrepreneurs that I'm talking about, who are running a business wherein their Passion, Purpose, and Profit is aligned.

They are serving others through their God-given talents, things that they love doing, and earn from it.


In this Virtual Summit, you will Learn: How to transition from Employment to Entrepreneurship Step-by-Step,- How to balance family, business, and spiritual life,- How to be motivated despite any odds,- How to discover your God-given talents and turn it into a profitable business.- Why is it important to serve others through your God-given talents and a lot more.

  • How to transition from Employment to Entrepreneurship Step-by-Step
  • How to balance family, business, and spiritual life,- How to be motivated despite any odds
  • How to discover your God-given talents and turn it into a profitable business
  • Why is it important to serve others through your God-given talents
  • And a lot more!

So if you want to Shorten your Trial and Error Period in Aligning your Passion and Purpose into a Profitable Business that you wanted to start, This is for You!

Don't miss out on the strategies, wisdom, motivation, and inspiration they will share.

Meet Our All-Star Line Up of Entrepreneurs

David Angway

Registered Financial Planner

Fitz Villafuerte

Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger

Genesis Reonico

Founder of  Online Jobs University

Dennis Abad

Film-Maker, Videography Coach

Jon Orana

Online Marketer and Coach

Richard Viador

Published Author

Malvin Dinlasan

Host and Leadership Trainer


Session # 1: How To Start An eBook Business and Coaching Business Even You're Still Employed or Running other business (With Jon Orana)

Jon Orana

Online Marketer and Coach

Jon Orana is the Founder of Negosyo University and his mission is to help corporate employees who are sick and tired of their jobs.

He is the creator of multiple successful business training programs such as Money Tree System, Blog Academy, and Internet Business Master class helping corporate employees start their own business and escape the cubicle world.

How you can transition from Corporate Employee to Entrepreneur

How to overcome problems that might arise in your Business

How to manage Your day when you wanted to have your own business but your still employedñ Daily habits that will help you to keep going

How to balance "life" in generalñ Best advice for all aspiring Christian Infopreneurs

How being a Christian can affect you in your own business and a lot more.

Session #2:  How To Start An Online Job Career (With Genesis Reonico)

Genesis Reonico

Founder of  Online Jobs University

Genesis Reonico is the Founder of Online Jobs University, a certified trainer, career coach, and motivational speaker who has been giving talks and providing trainings both offline and online all over the Philippines about How to become a world-class online service provider to clients all over the world and have a rewarding and fulfilling career in the process.

He's light bulb moments of becoming an Entrepreneur.

Tips for people who want to pursue Online Job career

How can you overcome your self-doubts.ñ Where can you find jobs online

Free resources that will help you start your Online Job

How can you, as a newbie, start your advocacy even though you are not an expert or no one knows you at first

Best advice for you who wanted to start your coaching business

His 1 daily habit that makes him happy and successful in everything he does.and a lot more.

Session #3: How To Become A Published Author at a Very Low Cost (With Richard Viador)

Richard Viador

Published Author

Richard Viador is a speaker and Published author of "Follow your Dreamship" book.

How He transitioned from being a street child to Seaman and to finally become an author and Speaker

How to Find your true purpose

Benefit of being a published author and how can you experience this

Disadvantages of not having a physical book

How to conquer your fears

The Good printing company that is affordable for all starters.

Session #4: How To Become a Serial Entrepreneur and Blogger (With Fitz Villafuerte)

Fitz Villafuerte

Serial Entrepreneur, Blogger

Fitz is a civil engineer who decided to quit the corporate world back in 2003 to pursue entrepreneurship. His blog, Ready To Be Rich, has won several awards including the Best Business and Finance Blog at the Philippine Blog Awards.

He has also been recognized by Moneysense Magazine as among the Top 12 Most Influential People in Personal Finance in the Philippines. He is a Registered Financial Planner, a contributing writer for Rappler Philippines, and a resource speaker for corporate and socio-civic organizations in the country where actively promotes entrepreneurship and financial literacy.

How he transitioned from Civil Engineer to Freelancer to Entrepreneur

Specific Steps he applied in his transition phase

Daily habits that help him to keep going

How he overcome his insecurities when he was starting out

How he balances his life

How he remain consistent and motivated to pursue his goals

Daily Habits that keep him going

Best advice for all aspiring entrepreneurs and a lot more.

Session #5: How To Use Video In Your Online Business (With Dennis Abad)

Dennis Abad

Film-Maker, Videography Coach

Dennis Abad is one of the Founder of Shoot! Practical Videography. He is one of the mentors of Wedding and Events Videography Course and the Corporate Documentary Course of SHOOT!

His roles as a director, cinematographer, editor, and producer are put to great use now that he is an educator as well.

How He transitioned from Office Boy to Entrepreneur

The Advantages of having knowledge in Videography

Advisable Tools Needed for All Aspiring Christian Infopreneurs who want to use Videos to share their message in their business.

Tips to Make your Videos Stand-out

Free and Paid tools you can use to promote your courses through videos

Secrets how to make your courses sold out?

The importance of Marketing skill in your business

What are His rock bottom moments and what he did to overcome.and a lot more.

Session #6: How to Become A CEO of Your Own Business (With David Angway)

David Angway

Registered Financial Planner

David Angway is a Wealth Adviser, Founder and CEO of WinLOngTerm Financial Consultancy, and Registered Financial Planner.

He has been featured multiple times on ABS-CBN News Channel "On the Money" and Bloomberg TV Philippines.

How he transitioned from an employee to businessmen

How he overcome his insecurities when he was starting out

What makes you excel and be who you are today

Daily habits that help him to keep going

How do you market your business

Best advice for all aspiring entrepreneurs

How he balances his life.

Session #7: How To Use Your Speaking Skills Effectively (With Malvin Dinlasan)

Malvin Dinlasan

Registered Financial Planner

Malvin Dinlasan is a Start-Up Leader, Trainer, and Speaker.

As a public speaker since 2013, he imparts his learned skills and knowledge by speaking on topics involving leadership, communications, marketing, personal branding and business development.

One of the dynamic host that I've ever known

One of the corporate trainer and speaker of AIB Training and events

Christian Entrepreneur who is living his passion for inspiring others.

Founder of:

How He Started in Entrepreneurship Journey

How did he recognize his value and purpose as a Christian Entrepreneur

How did he Run a business connected to his core gift

How did he overcome despite insecurities

How to Brand your own business

How to remain consistent & motivated to pursue your purpose

How to balance life (Your ministry/church, family, business)

How to get the most joy out of your business and personal life

Best advice you can give to all aspiring Christian Infopreneurs who want to use their God-given talents for profit and purpose and above all, glorify God.

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Billy Bautista Pocket-Size Life Coach

"I loved the book, I can feel that the writer was very inspired in life when she was writing it. I love those experience that you shared with your readers the happy moments and struggle just to make it to Brazil. Your dedication will be one of my most treasured message from you. You have a gift of writing Mafe, it's the Lord's gift to you."

Wilma Hernandez Certified Financial Educator

"Thanks for Inspiring me. I finished it last night in one sitting. Di ko tinigilan ng di tapos. You are one amazing woman. You are full of wisdom and has great zest of life. I wish someday I could write my own book and has it published too. You inspired me a lot. Thank you, thank you, thank you mafe...:-)"

Aimee Geda Woodside Author

"Very Inspiring and engaging book to keep. This is not the usual self-help books you come across with. The book offers far more great insights in achieving the things you want. Bible verses mentioned here are precious for the revival of your soul and put a smile in your face as you continue reading it till the end. Thanks Marife for sharing a part of your life to inspire people and for the glory of God."

Ptr. Alan Santos Certified Financial Educator

“The Author is pretty honest in the book, I like her style of interaction to readers. I did like the book, and I am sure that everyone who reads it, will like as well and be inspired."

Sha Nacino Money And Me, Author

“Her book is her way of sharing her insights. It is her way of blessing the world!"

Fitz Villafuerte Blogger, Author

“While many of today’s youth are still struggling to find themselves and their place in this world, Marife has bravely found and defined hers. The lesson she presents in her work reflects how much she already knows about wealth, money, and stewardship, at such a young age. The timeless financial lessons that she presents are told through her unique life story and experiences, which, I’m sure you will find both valuable and inspirational."

About Christian Infopreneurs Academy

As we all know, finding our Passion Business is not easy. There are a lot of Trial and Error Phase that you need to take in order to know it.

That's the reason why we made this Virtual Summit recorded for you.

This is an internet video recording of interviews. It will ALL HAPPEN ONLINE! All you need to attend is a computer, a good internet connection, and speakers. This is great because you can learn from the comfort of your own home, wherever you are.

This Virtual Summit is almost 400 minutes of interviews from Experts in different Industries who openly shared what they did for the past years that made them Excel from others in by just using their God-given talents to serve others.

They are 7 Successful Leaders and Entrepreneurs who are running their own businesses for Profit and Purpose, who will speak about Entrepreneurship, Personal Branding, Financial Literacy, Online Marketing, Writing books, film-making, and a lot more.

You've had heard the calling, yet you've ignored the prompting of the Spirit!

But this year (Yes, this year of 2017!) comes with the promise of success for you and your business through God's way.

Don't let it go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who Is The Virtual Summit Designed For?

This event is designed for people like YOU. Christian infopreneurs that want to incorporate their faith, values, and talents into their business, to serve and bless others.

Being a Christian Infopreneur is really challenging. Because we are not only here for money's sake, but above all, "To Bring Glory to our God".

But most of the times, there will be a point in our life that we have to answer tough questions that will help us move forward. How do I do it and where do I start? If you're asking yourself these questions, then this Virtual Summit is for you!

This is a MUST attend if youíre passionate about what you do, are willing to work hard, and want to build success God's way!

What Makes This Virtual Summit Different?

This is the only Virtual Summit in the Philippines that is specially designed for Christian Infopreneurs who wanted to align their Purpose, Passion, and Profit.

No Travel Cost, Watch Anytime, AnywhereCost-Effective Networking, Learning at your Pace

Who Are The Speakers

Our guest speakers are highly-successful published authors, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches, social media & digital marketers, bloggers/podcasters, authors, who have achieved tremendous results in their business, personal, and spiritual life.

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