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2 Tools Needed To Make This Day Best Day Ever!

It’s my pleasure and privilege to share with you the learning’s, and realizations I got from my daily life. So let’s start… There are only 2 tools we need to use to make sure that today will never be the same again. For us to make sure that It will be a wonderful and victorious […]

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Do you know what is your best age?

I was doing some paper works today, My Superior is speaking to someone and after their conversation, she told me this statement: “Ang Pinakamasarap talaga na edad ay ang edad ni Marife! and that’s me 🙂 !”, and She added, hirap talaga tumanda parang …

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Feeling alone in your journey?

Daddy, please buy that ice-cream for me….! Oh! Daddy, I want that balloon too :-)!” (Little Carlos optimistically requested his Dad) His Dad swiftly picks up his wallet and bought what Carlos wanted just to make him blissful. In the little corner of the school, there was this 7 years old girl named Jane, watching […]

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